Card Payment Solutions

Payment terminals and cost effective acquiring fees for all types of businesses

Card Payment Solutions

CBE’s card payment solutions and terminals processes credit and debit card transactions up to six times faster than existing terminals. It can significantly reduce your transaction costs while providing a better service to your customers. Our terminals are ‘Contactless’ enabled to allow for increased efficiencies at the point of sale.Whether your business requires a counter top or mobile unit, CBE offers the best solution, and uses broadband and GPRS technology. Transactions are high speed, typically 3 – 4 seconds, with instant receipt printing.

Key benefits include: 

  • Universal Compatibility:  works independently of cash registers and EPoS systems
  • Connectivity: Operates over broadband or GPRS
  • Efficiency: Multiple terminals may be connected over single broadband line
  • Acquirer Independent: Easily switch between banks
  • Functionality: Facilitates debit/credit cards, cash back, gratuity, shift/batch Reporting, DCC, Fuel Card Compatibility
  • Significant Cost Savings: By using a single broadband connection instead of multiple dedicated phone lines, you could save as much as €240 per year per terminal
  • Increased Transaction Speed, resulting in better Customer Service
  • Improved Reporting: Daily transaction reports automatically emailed or available via Web portal. Reports may also be consolidated
  • Greater Coverage: there is much better coverage using GPRS rather than Bluetooth for bars and restaurants
  • Flexible: This guaranteed payment solution is ideal for businesses that require payment while away from base including: Taxis, Van Sales, Home Delivery, Pizza Delivery, Trade Fairs etc.

Reduced Credit / Debit Card Rates – CBE & Worldpay

CBE have partnered with WorldPay – Europe’s leading card payment processor – to offer customers reduced transaction costs for accepting credit or debit cards at the point of sale. This allows CBE to now offer a full end-to-end solution whereby they can acquire the Merchant ID number, supply the terminals, process the transactions on a daily basis and deliver the money into the retailers account. This is all done by dealing with just one company which removes all the hassle for the retailer and can lead to savings in the region of 20%.

With local Area Managers located throughout the country, CBE can guide the customer through the application process for a Streamline account and handle all of the paperwork. CBE will ensure that there is a simple process to enable services to be received from Streamline and that the migration is as seamless as possible.

The reduced rates are open to businesses with integrated payment terminals or stand-alone machines. To avail of these substantial savings the retailer does not have to switch bank accounts and the solution is EPoS independent!

Contact us to speak with one of our experienced retail consultants about your requirements or to find out more about our Card Payment Terminals or reduced Credit / Debit Card rates.



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