Our Services

CBE offers a range of services to assist clients in developing and implementing the best solutions for their business:


All of CBE’s software is developed at their R&D innovation lab in their head office. From there, the CBE Development Team delivers tailor made solutions


CBE is committed to bringing autonomous components of a retail business together in an intelligent, concise and structured format. CBE continues to 


The CBE Consulting Team has built its expertise and retail insight over thirty years in the industry. CBE uses this knowledge to support and guide retailers 


CBE offers unrivalled 365 days-a-year, seven days-a-week customer helpdesk and remote support. All calls are answered in person by a CBE employee at our in-house support centre.


At CBE, we believe that continuous training is critical for two groups: our staff and our customers.
We continuously train and up-skill our customer


Retailers should be aware that when a weighing machine is not weighing accurately it may just as easily be under-weighing as over-weighing, which leaks money from the business