Convenience Store EPoS Systems

The CBE convenience store retail package is the most comprehensive EPoS solution in the marketplace – enabling retailers to improve efficiencies and increase profits in their stores.

CBE’s Convenience Store EPoS solutions are used by all of the major symbol groups in Ireland. With over 40 years’ experience in the retail industry, CBE supports over 13.5 million transactions every single day and manage 11,500 scanning terminals throughout the country.

CBE EPoS Solutions for Convenience Stores

An investment in a CBE Convenience Store EPoS solution will provide a unique platform for your business to grow. Using industry leading hardware and providing best-in-class service and support, the award winning CBE EPoS solution will bring enormous benefits to any retail store. Some of the features include:

  • CBE FutaTill POS Software – the award winning point of sale terminal from CBE allows for faster transaction times, improved cashier controls and integration with third party solutions
  • With over 200 reports available at the touch of a button, the CBE WinRetail software solution is a ‘must have’ for any convenience store. Research has shown that retailers who invest in the CBE WinRetail system have seen their margins improve by as much as 8%
  • CBE’s WiFi Handheld terminal improves pricing controls and allows for better stock management. Some stores have saved up to 4-5 hours per week in labour efficiencies by utilising the functionality of the CBE WiFi Handheld
  • Ground breaking Self-Checkout solution for convenience stores – ideal for retail outlets with high footfall and low value transactions
  • Integrate the deli weighing scales  with the CBE WinRetail software package
  • Working in conjunction with the deli weighing scales, CBE can also offer their unique ‘Scale to Sale’ technology to the convenience store sector. This software solution enables retailers to automate the process of managing their deli/fresh food area with the rest of their store. This latest innovation from CBE dramatically reduces both wastage and pilferage and, importantly, increases their margin within the deli area
  • The CBE WinRetail software solution can be accessed onsite, at head office level or on the move with a smartphone/tablet device out more about our unrivalled service & support and our software development  capabilities.
Contact us  to speak with one of our experienced retail consultants about your requirements or to find out more about our Convenience Store EPoS solutions.

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