Sewell Retail recommends CBE EPoS Solution

Sewell Retail, one of the UK’s largest independent fuel retailers, has installed the CBE EPoS solution in all 12 of their fuel and convenience stores throughout the UK.

Sewell Retail

Sewell Retail undertook a thorough investigation of the UK EPoS market and having looked at all of the alternatives they decided to invest in a new CBE system.

Over the past 12 months since the CBE system was installed, Sewell Retail have gained a greater insight into how their business works. They have been able to improve business margins at head office level and at each individual store.

Patrick Sewell, Managing Director at Sewell Retail has been very impressed with CBE and their software solutions, “From head office we can see what margins are being made instantly and can easily make any necessary changes.We work closely with CBE and their development team and as the software is enhanced we will be able to benefit from their constant innovation”.

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