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Michael Doherty of Costcutter Carndonagh on Self-Checkouts during Covid-19

“Having installed CBE Self-Checkout in early 2017, we were lucky to be in a position from the beginning of Covid-19 to offer our customers unattended shopping for their health and safety, and of course the health and safety of our staff.

In recent weeks, CBE installed a RAP Station to eliminate our staffs’ interactions with the self-checkouts, by allowing our checkout staff to control all operations on the self-checkouts from a safe physical and social distance.

We are extremely happy with the service and support being provided by CBE throughout these challenging times; they are enabling us to do what we do best, look after our customers.”

Michael Doherty

Owner, Doherty’s Costcutter Carndonagh


Head Office

Dublin Area

Northern Ireland

United Kingdom

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