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CBE have partnered with Debitrak to deliver the most complete solution for cashless catering in schools

COVID-19 has changed the way food service is delivered in schools. The elimination of cash handling can help cope with that change.

CBE and Debitrak have joined forces to make school meals an altogether safer experience with a cashless and contactless solution. Every student will have their own personal and secure contactless payment card or smart fob. The card / smart fob is simply tapped at the new canteen till, giving immediate access to a personal online account stored securely in the cashless meals system

Parents can not only be assured that their child will receive a healthy meal each day, they can also access all account activity. No more finding cash to give to your children in the morning and no more money wasted on sweets and snacks

The Benefits:

  • No more handling cash eliminating the time and contaminant risk involved
  • Social distancing is better managed through shorter queues, with more time to enjoy a healthy meal
  • Fully supports Deis and any other free or subsidised meal schemes
  • Allows the option to order meals in advance for delivery to various locations in the school

Contact info@cbe.ie or call 1890 373 000 to find out more

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