CBE ISO Policies

CBE Quality Policy

The quality of our Products and Service will meet with our customer’s requirements first time, every time.

Our principal quality policies and objectives are:

To provide a Product and Service that is always dependable and on time.

To deliver to our customers a Product and Service of the highest quality.

To offer and deliver to our customers a Product and Service that meets their requirements and is fair value for their commitment.

To apply the highest ethical standards to all our customers.

To conduct our affairs in a professional manner with all our customers.

To operate to current legislation and regulations.

CBE’s policies, practices and procedures are specified in their Quality Policy Manual  and quality improvement objectives are defined and reviewed by management on a regular basis.

CBE Information Security Policy

CBE are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all physical and electronic information assets of the company and its clients to ensure that regulatory, operational and contractual requirements are fulfilled. CBE ensure this through a framework of risk management and continuous improvement certified to ISO 27001:2013. Security Objectives are captured within the Information Security Key Performance Indicators.