About CBE

About CBE

About CBE: We are one of the leading innovators in retail technology in Europe and first choice for EPoS solutions in Ireland and the UK.
For over thirty years, we have been delivering excellent service to retailers across the country.

We are recognised and awarded by industry reviewers because we keep at the forefront of technological development in the EPoS sector.
With our own research and development centre, staffed by an expert team of engineers, we are often first to innovate new developments, which then become industry standard.

We are the leading supplier of EPoS solutions to the supermarket, convenience, forecourt, hospitality, fashion, pharmacy and general merchandise sectors.
By continuously striving to exceed customer expectations, and by offering 7-days a week, 365-days-a-year customer service, we remain number one within the industry.

Sound appealing? Head on over to our contact page where you will be put in touch with some of the leading EPoS and Retail Technology experts; where they will be able to help you in ensuring that your partnership with CBE is worthwhile!