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Android™, the leading platform on smart phones, has launched itself into the EPoS environment. It is an exciting and welcome development for the industry, with CBE and Casio leading the way with the V-R7000 and V-R200 Systems.

V-R7000 Android™ Based EPoS System
The Casio V-R7000 EPoS solution delivers a real business advantage. It provide’s a scalable system that delivers fast, efficient front of house service and integrates seamlessly with the Casio Cloud back office and
stock management systems. Key features:

  • Stylish design – the slim and sophisticated design will fit well with any interior scheme
  • Easy to operate – simple to use 15.6 inch widescreen LCD touch panel, enabling staff to work quickly and effectively
  • Robust – IP53 rating for water and dust resistance means the touch panel screen can be operated even with wet hands
  • Reliability – a quick return to operation after power interruptions means you’re always ready to go
  • Casio Cloud suite software – provides managers and back of house staff with vital information about the
    running of the business e.g. sales data, stock reports, customer information. All the information can be accessed remotely on your phone, tablet, laptop or any Internet enabled device
  • Adaptable – applications for single-site or multi-site management are available. The Casio solution grows with your business

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V-R200 Android™ Based EPoS System
The Casio V-R200, running on the Android™ platform, embodies a full range of advanced capabilities. With a 10.4 inch LCD terminal, the V-R200 is equipped with a high speed printer and a pop-up customer display resulting in space-saving, ease of operation and excellent functionality. The V-R200 can operate as a standalone system or be connected to the Casio Cloud Solution, giving operators far greater insight into how their business is managed and performing.

In addition, the V-R200 is water and dust resistant with extremely low power consumption, increasing power savings compared to traditional POS systems and therefore reducing overall running costs.

The Casio V-R200 is designed for a wide selection of environments including cafes, restaurants, bakeries and many other hospitality and retail sectors.

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