EPoS Solutions for Off-Licences


Off-Licence EPoS Solutions

The CBE Off-Licence EPoS solution is designed specifically to assist retailers reduce labour costs, improve efficiencies within their business and increase their profits.

CBE EPoS Solution for Off-Licence Stores

CBE’s off licence EPoS solution is used by single and chain store off licence retailers across the country to achieve higher profit margins. It is designed to suit the requirements of the industry, with features such as wine club membership facilitation and labelling capabilities, including country of origin, price per litre and complementary food suggestions. Other features include:

  • Responsible retailing features e.g. age identification, Digital Video Recorder
  • Scanning of outer case codes for beers
  • Powerful promotions management
  • Real time stock control
  • Extensive auditing capability
  • Suggested ordering
  • Head Office module to enable central control of multiple locations

CBE also offers a range of superior solutions to the Off-Licence sector, including but not limited to:

  • CBE FutaTill POS Software – the award winning point of sale terminal from CBE allows for faster transaction times, improved cashier controls and integration with third party solutions such as mobile top-ups and cigarette vending off-licence01-230
  • Contactless enabled credit/debit card terminals with reduced transaction rates
  • Loyalty solutions
  • CBE WinRetail software package includes reporting module with 200+ reports available at the touch of a button
  • CBE’s WiFi Handheld terminal improves pricing controls and allows for better stock management
  • Gift vouchers

The software solution can be accessed onsite, at head office level or on the move with a smartphone/tablet device. Find out more about our unrivalled service & support and our software development capabilities.

Contact us to speak with one of our experienced retail consultants about your requirements or to find out more about our Off-Licence EPoS solutions.

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